52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Yes! We’re Up for a Challenge!

We’re excited to read that Amy Johnson Crow over at https://www.amyjohnsoncrow.com/ is doing a 2019 edition of her 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. We look forward to participating in this great challenge with blog posts here on More Roots Than Branches as well as on social media using the hashtag #52Ancestors! Won’t you join us by leaving a comment on this or any of our #52Ancestors posts, on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest?!

P.S. We’ll link the below listed prompts to the posts we create for easy navigation.

Week 2018 2019
Week 1 (January) Start First
Week 2 Favorite Photo Challenge
Week 3 Longevity Unusual Name
Week 4 Invite to Dinner I’d Like to Meet
Week 5 In the Census At the Library
Week 6 (February) Favorite Name Surprise
Week 7 Valentine Love
Week 8 Heirloom Family Photo
Week 9 Where There’s a Will At the Courthouse
Week 10 (March) Strong Woman Bachelor Uncle
Week 11 Lucky Large Family
Week 12 Misfortune 12
Week 13 The Old Homestead In the Paper
Week 14 (April) The Maiden Aunt
Week 15 Taxes
Week 16 Storms
Week 17 Cemetery
Week 18 (May) Close Up
Week 19 Mother’s Day
Week 20 Another Language
Week 21 Military
Week 22 (June) So Far Away
Week 23 Going to the Chapel
Week 24 Father’s Day
Week 25 Same Name
Week 26 Black Sheep
Week 27 (July) Independence
Week 28 Travel
Week 29 Music
Week 30 Colorful
Week 31 (August) Oldest
Week 32 Youngest
Week 33 Family Legend
Week 34 Non-Population
Week 35 (September) Back to School
Week 36 Work
Week 37 Closest to Your Birthday
Week 38 Unusual Source
Week 39 On the Farm
Week 40 (October) Ten
Week 41 Sports
Week 42 Conflict
Week 43 Cause of Death
Week 44 (November) Frightening
Week 45 Bearded
Week 46 Random Fact
Week 47 Thankful
Week 48 (December) Next to Last
Week 49 Winter
Week 50 Naughty
Week 51 Nice
Week 52 Resolution

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