Genealogy Soundtrack, Part 2

We love listening to tunes while we journey through family history. Let us know what songs you like to listen to with a comment below; we’ll post additions to our growing soundtrack here on this blog!

Genealogy Soundtrack: Part 2

  1. Yellow Room by Liz Rose
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    • Favorite Lyrics
      Family photos in dime store frames
      Paintin’ the walls like a checkerboard game
      Pictures of a father dressed up in his uniform

      Worn out books lining the shelf
      I can still tell you the stories they tell
      Dancin’ to the Beetles on a red brick linoleum floor

      On Swimming Alone Released: May 12, 2017.

  2. Life Uncommon by Jewel
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    • Favorite Lyrics
      Lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
      No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from
      Fill your lives with love and bravery
      And you shall lead a life uncommon

      On Spirit Released: January 1, 1998. Written by Jewel Kilcher.

  3. Red Robin by Clark Richard
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    • Favorite Lyrics
      She went from the backseat
      To hands at ten and two
      College came too quickly
      Her leaving feels too soon
      Now I swore I’d be strong but
      These are happy tears
      Cause I get even prouder
      With every passing year

      On Kissing Kelley. Released: August 24, 2010. Written by Clark Richard.

  4. Ride of Your Life by John Gregory
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    • Favorite Lyrics
      Wishin on a shootin star
      But dreams alone wont get you far
      Can’t deny your feelings anymore
      The world is waiting right outside your door
      What are you waiting for?

      On Pictures From Home. Released: February 24, 2004.

  5. Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell
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    • Favorite Lyrics
      Moons and Junes and ferries wheels
      The dizzy dancing way you feel
      As every fairy tale comes real
      I’ve looked at love that way

      On Clouds. Released: May 1, 1969. Written by Joni Mitchell.

  6. Address in the Stars by Caitlin & Will
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    • Touching Lyrics
      I stumbled across your picture today
      I could barely breath
      The moment stopped me cold
      Grabbed me like a thief

      On Caitlin & Will EP. Released: March 31, 2009. Written by Caitlin Lynn Fisher, Aimee Mayo, Christopher Lindsey, Hillary Lindsey.

  7. 1941 by Joel Grey
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    • Lyric Highlights
      So he closed his eyes till fifty-five
      And he opened them up again
      When he looked around he saw a clown
      And the clown seemed very gay
      And he set that night to join
      That circus clown and run away

      On Black Sheep Boy. Released: 1969. Written by Harry Nilsson

  8. Fare Thee Well (10,000 Miles) by Mary Chapin Carpenter
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    • Favorite Lyrics
      Oh come back my own true love
      And stay a while with me
      For if I had a friend all on this earth,
      You’ve been a friend to me.

      English folk ballad. On Party Doll and Other Favorites (Fly Away Home film). Released: May 25, 1999. Composed by Mark Isham.