My Marthas, part 2

Which One Is Which?

Welcome back! To explore Martha Hamilton, Martha Hamilton, and Martha Hamilton, it might be helpful to identify each Martha in a unique, consistent manner. For more information on each them however, we need to work from what we think we know about them.


It seems reasonable to start by looking at the marriages of brothers Philip and William Tyus (sons of Philip Gideon and Elizabeth (Daniels) Tyus), and Mack Hamilton (son of Evan and Catherine (Hill) Hamilton).1

Spouse 1 Spouse 2 Marriage View
Philip Tyus Martha J. Hamilton 19 February 1885, Jackson Co., FL
William Tyus Martha Hamilton 13 May 1885, Jackson Co., FL
Mack Hamilton Rebecca Tyus 7 February 1888, Jackson Co., FL

What’s Next?

Locating and examining U.S. Federal census records for these (young) families will be helpful in separating our Marthas from each other.


1. Continued research on the accuracy of suspected but not yet proven parents and their lineage is always wise.